Let’s face it…all wood decks and exterior wood sidings need some form of protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays and from the driving rains. And while power cleaning will remove the unsightly damaged surface from your deck, further protection will help preserve its appearance and value.

Power Clean & Restoration Systems, certified experts in wood restoration and preservation, has the right solutions for your deck or home. Utilizing only the highest-quality sealants, preservatives, and stains, our staff will assist you in selecting the proper product in the color of your choice.

Most current wood care products are available in acrylic or oil-based formulas. With the exception of clear coats, they generally last from one to two seasons, depending on the severity of the elements. In most all cases, sunlight is the #1 enemy of color retention…even the best products fade over time from the intensity of the sun. This does not mean that the product is not doing its job, it simply is losing some of the aesthetic luster that it had when it was first applied.

Generally speaking, however, it’s a good plan to restore your deck every two years (at the minimum) to keep it in top condition. Whether it's staining or cleaning , PCRS is your one-call choice for everything deck-related!
Pool deck
Wood sealers generally come in the following forms:
  • Clear coats: These carry just a basic water repellent and do not carry any type of UV light protection. Your deck will return to its naturally weathered grey appearance in about six months.
  • Toners: These are translucent colored finishes that penetrate and enhance the natural beauty of the wood’s surface, letting the rich grains in premium woods show through in their most natural form. These formulations hold UV light inhibitors which filter out UV rays, thereby prolonging the color and preventing the wood from turning grey too quickly.
  • Semi-transparent Stains: These formulations combine deep-penetrating wood protection with rich earth-tone color which is formulated to resist scuffing and wear. They provide long-lasting protection against water and UV light damage, as well.
  • Solid Stains: These are heavily-pigmented opaque colors which offer maximum color and protection from the elements. Available in both acrylic and oil-based formulations, the type of finish afforded by solid stains is for customers who want a "painted" type of look that only shows wood texture, not the grain itself.
Solid color staining
PCS stains decks too!
Worker surveying stain job

Cedar stairs and deck
Roll out the stain

Freshly stained
Careful staining
Sanding a deck

Mahogany Flame deck
Gazebo and deck staining