Specialty coatings
Are you looking for a way to bring back that weathered, cracked or peeling stucco finish on your building’s facade? Or perhaps you have a leaky basement wall that can’t be repaired by simple painting. Or maybe you want a finish on your home that's way beyond the ordinary. Well PCRS offers at least two ways to help meet your needs – elastomeric finishes and E.I.F.S.

Elastomeric paint finishes are flexible coatings that can be applied to most any type of facade, exterior or interior, where water and moisture become a problem. They will weatherproof and waterproof, insuring a water-tight barrier. These problem-solving finishes are applied using standard paint application tools and do not require special installation procedures.

E.I.F.S. (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems), also known as synthetic stucco or Dry-vit systems, is an exterior-only finishing option that can give your home or building that "21st century appeal" while providing both insulation and waterproofing. Basically, E.I.F.S. involves the installation of a special insulation board over your existing facade, which is then coated with a special material which closely resembles stucco. A finish coat is then applied, which is available in many pastel colors. With high-tech contemporary styling, this cladded siding keeps your interior dry and warm in wet cold climates, cool in the summer, and cuts down on your energy bill. The best part is that it’s virtually maintenance-free!

The pros at Power Clean & Restoration Systems are certified restoration specialists who will answer your questions and professionally advise you on which types of exterior siding options will be best for you. You certainly will be making the right decision by choosing us as your primary contractor!

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Home with elastomeric finish over EIFS

Base coatbase coat closeup
finish coathalfway completed