It’s unsightly, and it’s common in most urban and many suburban areas. Graffiti – the word strikes fear into any property owner or municipality faced with removing what, put mildly, is thick, ugly, penetrated, spray-painted crud. It’s next to impossible to remove by conventional methods, but Power Clean & Restoration Systems can effectively and safely remove it from any surface or structure utilizing the latest graffiti-removal techniques available.

And, as you know, once you’ve gone through the process of having the unsightliness removed, repeat offenders will return and start making things unsightly all over again, so you’ve got to be prepared. PCRS recommends that you ask us to apply a "sacrificial" clear graffiti-barrier coating over your masonry surfaces. This prevents penetration of spray paints, crayons, and ink into the surface, thus preventing further damage to the surface when more aggressive cleaning would have been needed in the future. After application of this barrier, all that’s usually needed to remove the new graffiti will be a good hot water pressure washing without the need for stripping chemicals. (After that, a re-applictation of the barrier coat is recommended, since it washes away when we do the power washing. That's why we said "sacrificial".).

Our methods are effective, safe, and 100% biodegradable to ensure that there is no damage to the environment. Call us, email us, or use our online form to contact PCRS to remove that ugly stuff today!
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