Nothing can take the fun out of your precious leisure time more than annual home maintenance. Let Power Clean & Restoration Systems be the ones you call to help reclaim your fun time!

While you were spending last year having those family backyard bashes, Mother Nature was busy doing her dirty work – depositing fungi, moss, tarnish, atmospheric carbon, algae, mildew, dirt, sun-scald, efflorescence, and oxidation all over your beautiful home, deck, and paved surfaces. Sure, it looks awful. But, if you try to clean it yourself, it would probably take years to restore everything back to the way it looked when your home was new. And then it’s time to do it all over again!

The sure cure to end the cycle is to call for professional power washing by PCRS.

By using special cleaning agents delivered in a highly-pressurized hot or cold water spray, we dissolve nature’s scourge away to restore the full beauty of your home and deck. The photos here prove it. We can restore your world!

Slate cleaning

Weathered shakes
Deck washing
Deck washing

Roof restoration
Stucco cleaningWashing a driveway
Brick home stripping

Jungle GymSlate roof

Paver cleaningAluminum siding

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